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Do you think you know all there is to know about toothbrushes? If so, you can find out now! Today, our dentist, Dr. Jim Kelly, will be happy to drop some toothbrush knowledge in your brain by sharing some fun facts about toothbrushes and brushing.

Fact No. 1: The average American spends 38 days brushing their teeth in their lifetime.

Fact. No. 2: The original toothbrush contained toothbrush bristles that were made out of cow hairs. But there is no need to worry. Modern toothbrushes are made with nylon bristles.

Fact No. 3: The most commonly chosen toothbrush color is blue.

Fact No. 4: Roughly 4 billion people use some sort of mobile device while only 3.5 billion people actually use a toothbrush.

Fact No. 5: In 2003, the toothbrush was chosen the number one invention people can’t live without. This beats cell phones and cars.

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