All-On-4 is a dental prosthodontics procedure that can replace all of your teeth with dental implants. When most people are looking to replace an entire arch of teeth, their first thought is dentures. All-On-4 is a type of denture, but it is permanent and can provide you with more comfort, stability, and functionality than regular dentists. At Dr. Jim Kelly Dentistry, our dentist will evaluate your mouth and provide you with custom-made false teeth that look and feel natural. This arch of false teeth will then be fixed in place with 4 dental implants, each precisely placed to give you maximum comfort and efficiency. All-On-4 is a safe and effective denture treatment, and Dr. Jim Kelly is trained and qualified to help restore your mouth and your confidence. For more information about how you can replace your teeth with All-On-4 in Phoenix, Arizona, we invite you to schedule an appointment with our dentist by calling us at 602-954-1901.

Dr Jim Kelly in Phoenix Arizona
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