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If you feel terrified going to the dentist or even thinking about going, or make excuses to not go, you may have a dental phobia, which is feeling irrational of dentists. For approximately 9%-15% of Americans, dental anxiety and phobia prevents them from experiencing a positive time.

Dental phobia can prevent patients from seeking out dental treatment. If you have some anxiety, that is normal, but dental phobia can make a patient so miserable, they’ll do just about anything to avoid it. They will usually have extreme sensations when thinking about seeing a dentist.

Consequences for patients with dental phobia include an increased risk of gum disease and early tooth loss. Also, if a patient is self-conscious and insecure, because of their fear, they tend to not take care of basic cosmetic issues, such as discolored or damaged teeth. They may smile, but not wide or even with confidence, or not with their teeth at all. A loss of self-esteem is also an issue.

Common Symptoms of Dental Phobia

There are several symptoms that can be debilitating, for patients with a dental phobia, which includes:

         Feeling physically ill when thinking about visiting a dentist

         Increased nervousness while waiting in the dentist office

         Intense thoughts of panic when objects placed in the mouth, which can make it difficult to breathe

         Wanting to cry when talking about going to the dentist, or when thinking about going

         Sleeping difficulties, the night before your appointment

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