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A dental bridge is a strong, attractive dental restoration that can permanently replace your missing tooth and give you the healthy, functional, and beautiful smile you desire. Fortunately, the treatment steps involved in placing a dental bridge are easy, and simple. To elaborate, Dr. Jim Kelly is happy to give you the details regarding treatment.

Your dentist will first numb the mouth with a local anesthetic, which should eliminate any chance of pain and give you the comfort you need while you’re in the dental chair. Next, he will prepare the neighboring teeth because they will anchor the bridge in place. Your dentist will prepare these teeth by trimming the enamel. This will make room for the anchoring crowns in the restoration.

Then, your dentist will make an imprint of the altered teeth when they are the right size and shape. When the impressions are completed, he will send them to a dental lab so it can custom make your new dental bridge. While you wait for your restoration, your dentist will place two temporary crowns over the trimmed teeth.

When your bridge is ready and sent back to our office, you will come back to have it placed in your smile. During this visit, Dr. Kelly will check the features of the bridge and make sure it is what you want and need. Then, he will cement it into your smile.

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