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Looking to straighten your smile without using metal braces? An easy and affordable solution to use is clear aligners such as ClearCorrect™! These virtually invisible aligners fit comfortably in your smile without the complicated process of installing braces. Dr. Jim Kelly Dentistry and our professionals here in Phoenix, Arizona, want to help you get your best smile!

This process starts with consulting with your dentist to see if ClearCorrect™ is the right alignment course for you. We will then do an orthodontic workup, taking photos of your face and teeth, X-rays, and using the impressions of your teeth to get the exact measurements to be sent in and made at a special lab.

With ClearCorrect™, you will need a new aligner every few weeks to keep continually adjusting your alignment. Every small change will move your teeth closer into the proper position. You need to wear your aligners for 20-22 hours a day, only taking them out to brush, floss, and eat to get the best results.

When wearing ClearCorrect aligners, you are gaining many benefits besides getting a better-looking smile. This includes healthier teeth and gums, better cleaning, and prevention against gum disease and tooth decay. To get a better smile, contact Dr. Jim Kelly and the rest of our dental team, call us at 602-954-1901. Our professionals will be happy to set up a consultation or make an appointment to get you fitted for ClearCorrect™ at our office in Phoenix, Arizona, today!