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If you have experienced dental damage, but it hasn’t affected the cusps of your tooth, you might be able to qualify for a dental inlay instead of a regular filling. An inlay is a filling that is premolded to fit into the grooves of the tooth, as long as it doesn’t go beyond the cusps of the tooth. They can be manufactured from a composite or porcelain resin material that matches the shade of the tooth so that it can be virtually invisible while restoring the health of the chewing surface of the tooth.

Our dentist, Dr. Jim Kelly, can use a local anesthetic to numb the area before he cleans and removes the decayed portion of your tooth. An impression may be made so that the inlay can be created and, once it is done, our dentist can complete the restoration, which may generally be more durable than regular fillings.

You might qualify for an inlay if you meet one of the following criteria:
-The tooth is damaged or decayed in a manner where it doesn’t affect its cusp.
-The tooth’s damaged enough that it could need a large filling, but doing so could weaken the remaining structure.
-The level of the injury wouldn’t leave enough of your tooth to support a crown.

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