A Day in Dentistry: Tooth Hazard Risk Prevention

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Do you know of any tooth hazard risks your life that are constantly putting your teeth and gums in harm’s way? Did you know that by chewing on ice or other similar hard products you can easily cause microscopic fractures in your teeth and even cause tooth slippage or cracked teeth? Thus, with all tooth hazard risks, establish effective preventive treatments in your life and eliminate habits that can wear down your tooth enamel.

Beyond protecting your tooth enamel, it is also important to make sure that you’re taking care of your gums and tongue. Because tongue piercings can easily cause permanent nerve damage or burst blood vessels, you will want to exercise caution with mouth jewelry that can put your mouth that risk. Furthermore, be aware of bacteria that can collect on your tongue and remove it daily with a tongue scraper or toothbrush.

Other tooth hazard risks in your life can often arise due to high-risk activities that can lead to blunt trauma. A single strike to your face can knock out several teeth or even break your jaw, so try wearing mouth guards or other similar forms of safety equipment, including helmets whenever possible.

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