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A tooth can sometimes be chipped by something as simple as grinding your teeth while sleeping, or something as severe as a blow to the mouth during athletics. When this happens the size, shape, and locations of the damaged tooth enamel can vary.

Even if the tooth doesn’t cause any immediate distress you should still have it examined by a dentist like Dr. Jim Kelly. If the compromised area isn’t professionally treated in a reasonable amount of time, the compromised tooth enamel could start to accumulate the bacterial deposits which foster a new cavity.

Once tooth decay establishes a foothold in the compromised tooth enamel it could quickly spread through the tooth enamel. In time, it could potentially cause an infection in the sensitive core structures of the tooth.

Sometimes Dr. Jim Kelly can treat a minor dental fracture or chip by applying a metallic amalgam or composite resin dental filling.

However, if a new cavity has developed, or the damage to the tooth enamel is substantial, he might recommend a dental crown restoration. This mode of treatment is designed to completely removing the tooth’s enamel layer before replacing it with a replica made from gold, base metals, or dental porcelain.

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